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WHMCS takes care of automating things so you don’t have to, saving you valuable time and money.

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Sending invoices, collecting payments, taxes, reminders and more are all a thing of the past with WHMCS.

Web & Domains
Integrated with all the leading web hosting control panels and domain registrars for automatic provisioning and management.

Support Tools
Integrated support tools give you a client portal complete with ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads and more.

Developer Friendly
Modular, extensible, well-documented API’s and ORM all make developing with and customizing WHMCS easy.

Secure & Scalable
WHMCS is a secure, dependable and scalable solution designed for businesses of all sizes and backed by an awesome support team.

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Users and Client Accounts

Users are the new way to log in and share access to accounts

In WHMCS 8.0, we’ve introduced a new concept for end user login management. Account holders gain more control, while Users with access to multiple accounts gain flexibility and convenience.

Replacing sub-accounts, in WHMCS 8.0, Users represent any individual with access to log in to the WHMCS client area. Users can be invited and managed via a new dedicated User Management interface, with permission based controls and a simple email-based invite workflow.

As a user who needs to access and manage services within multiple different client accounts, WHMCS 8.0 makes it easy and convenient to access and manage services for multiple client accounts with a single login.

New Look Admin Area

A simplified, refined and optimized admin experience

WHMCS 8.0 introduces a new look for the default admin area theme. It aims to maximize focus on the content and reduce distractions.

With major updates to responsiveness and frontend behavior, this visual refresh provides functional benefits, too. It also enhances the experience for mobile and touch screen devices.

Email Delivery Providers

For increased email reliability and deliverability

Email deliverability is vital when it comes to account and billing related notifications.

With the new Email Delivery Provider integrations in WHMCS 8.0, you can use MailGun, SparkPost and SendGrid. Now, you can benefit from their automated reputation management and high rates of email deliverability.

SendGrid offers a generous free trial which can be used to try out this feature. Learn more…

Email Delivery Provider integrations extend the WHMCS modular functionality. You can create integrations with other email delivery services, or find modules in our Marketplace.

New Email Campaign Tool

Giving you more powerful bulk email functionality

Email Campaigns is the name for the new bulk email tool in WHMCS 8.0. Replacing the Mass Mail tool that existed previously, Email Campaigns provides a robust set of tools for sending emails to your customers.

New functionality includes the ability to create drafts or schedule emails for the future. An off-session sending process will better manage rate limits and failures.

Coupled with the new Email Delivery Providers, WHMCS’s email marketing capabilities are more powerful than ever.

Improved IDN Support

Accept orders for a broader range of domain names

In version 8.0, we’ve made improvements to IDN support in WHMCS.

In addition to introducing full support for IDN domain registration automation for our leading registrar modules – Enom & ResellerClub (including all other LogicBoxes based modules) – we’ve added more robust validation for IDN domains along with a number of important usability improvements.

Now you can take orders for both partial and full IDN domain names, users always see the human friendly UTF-8 version of their domain with punycode conversion handled transparently in the background, and additional parameters have been made available to registrar modules that make it easier to add IDN support to custom and 3rd party modules.


Improved Currency Support

Support for 3 decimal places in tax rates

We’ve increased the number of decimal places supported by default in tax rules to 3 to accomodate tax rates that use 3 decimal precision.

We’ve also increased the number of digits allowed in the whole part of numeric currency values. We now support up to 14 digits before the dot and support values up to 99 trillion.

Time-Based Token Two-Factor Improvements

Providing a better UX around second factor security

Version 8.0 delivers further improvements to the Time-Based Token Two-Factor experience for end users.

With the introduction of Users, Time-Based Token Two-Factor Authentication is now available to all users who have access to log in to WHMCS.

Improvements to QR code generation mean generator apps will now display your domain name alongside the codes and users’ email addresses. This will make identifying codes and differentiating between multiple accounts easier.

Easier Cron Setup & Automation Management

A simplified cron experience with proactive alerts for issues

We’ve created an all new and simpler way to set up and monitor cron performance.

In version 8.0, the new admin area provides you with easy access to the Automation Status from any page. You’ll have quick and easy insights into WHMCS’s automated tasks and actions each day.

Through a simple traffic-light-based system, WHMCS will alert you of problems detected with the cron schedule. You’ll know if it stops being invoked or if it fails to complete as expected


Open-Xchange App Suite via MarketConnect

Offer your customers a professional email solution with full automation

App Suite from Open-Xchange is a Cloud Productivity & Email App Suite. With App Suite, you can offer a competetive, quality email platform that competes with Office 365 and G-Suite, at a very competitive price.

Available through MarketConnect, OX App Suite comes with a ready made landing page and built-in promotions and upsells that allows you to add App Suite to your product line-up and get it in front of your users instantly.

For existing MarketConnect resellers, it’s available to activate immediately, and for those who haven’t signed up to MarketConnect yet, it’s easy to get started. Sign up today!


Auth2 for SMTP

Ensuring compatibility for upcoming changes from email services

Some of the big hosted email providers are moving away from traditional password-based authentication. Instead, they’re replacing it with an OAuth-based workflow.

Both Google and Microsoft have already announced these changes. Despite delays to these changes becoming required, rest assured that WHMCS is ready whenever they come into effect

Transaction Reporting

Giving you greater insights into business performance

Get instant insights into your business performance with new charts and income comparisons in the transactions list.

You can instantly see how your performance compares to previous periods. We’re providing support for period comparisons and a new visual overview of transactions.

New Minimum PHP Requirement + Library Updates

WHMCS 8.1 requires PHP 7.4 or later

In version 8.1, we’ve bumped the minimum PHP requirement to PHP 7.4. This lets us update many of the 3rd party libraries and dependencies shipped with WHMCS.

For you, this means we’re taking advantage of more modern PHP versions and coding features. In many cases, this means better performance as well as stability improvements. For developers, it’s important to read the release notes for full details on how these changes may impact you and your code.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

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